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The Loyola Fund

As higher education across the country evolves, Loyola students, faculty, and university leaders will face challenges and find opportunities. How the university responds is a reflection of our values, our tradition, and our faith in Loyola's future.

The Loyola Fund is crucial to day-to-day life on campus. It is in the library and classrooms, and it gives life to our lecture halls, laboratories, performance spaces, and athletics courts. The Loyola Fund also makes it possible for the university to direct resources where they can best address challenges and convert needs to opportunities. This flexibility allows Loyola to help students with financial need, provide access to emerging technologies, and respond effectively when urgent needs arise.


"I ask all Loyola alumni and supporters to consider making a gift to the Loyola Fund this year. Your investment in us means that we will continue to nurture minds, transform lives, and send amazing alumni out into the world to make it better. Your support allows us to be a bright light in the city we love."

-- Tania Tetlow, University President

With multiple ways to give, making a gift to Loyola University is easy. See details!

Loyola Loyal Day is the university's annual day of giving. Join the celebration as students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni renew their commitment to the Loyola with giving, online advocacy, and community! Click here to learn more!

Making a special class reunion gift is a way to celebrate both Loyola and the milestones of your graduating class. To make a reunion year gift, select "Other" from the Designation drop-down menu, and type in "In Honor of Class of (Your Graduation Year)"  on our online giving form here!

Each year, our team of trained callers reaches out to Loyola alumni across the country with the opportunity to update their contact information and make a gift or pledge by phone.

Giving societies are one of the ways Loyola University recognizes its most loyal supporters. Click here to learn more.