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Loyola Core Badges

At Loyola University New Orleans, we develop the whole student—body, mind, and spirit.

We encourage students to pursue their passions beyond just their programs of study. Our students combine artistic talents with business acumen, scientific exploration with social justice, and legal understanding with community advocacy. Emphasizing experiential learning and professional development, Loyola students prepare for purpose-driven careers.

It all starts with a strong foundation. 

The Loyola Core curriculum provides a holistic education, rooted in our Jesuit values and the liberal arts and sciences. Loyola Core courses seek to foster student competency in critical thinking, effective communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, ethical reasoning. 

Connecting coursework to career goals.  

With Loyola Core badges, students complete the required Loyola Core coursework while simultaneously deepening their understanding in relevant fields of interest. Upon successful completion of a Loyola Core badge pathway, students will earn shareable and verifiable badges that will appear on students’ transcripts and can be shared within students’ professional networks. 

Benefits of Loyola Core badges: 

  • Connect required coursework around cohesive and relevant themes 
  • Earn badge credentials to highlight on resumes and LinkedIn profiles
  • Develop complementary skills relevant to career goals

Frequently Asked Questions

This micro-credential badging program is uniquely Loyola—connecting the Loyola Core to relevant, high-demand badges that will help prepare students for careers in any industry. We are working with Badgr Pro to facilitate our badge program. Explore our badge pathways to find a badge that aligns with your interests. You can enroll in a badge pathway in a relevant Canvas course if it is being used toward a badge’s requirements.

Undergraduate core badges will consist of 12–15 credit hours. At least 50% of badge courses will be drawn from the Loyola Core. Students declaring a badge must be enrolled in a university major. Students can declare more than one badge, but courses cannot be double-dipped between badges. Transfer courses are not accepted toward badges. Badge courses must be completed with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students may not apply credits earned prior to the Fall 2022 semester toward completion of a badge. 

To begin your Loyola Core badge journey, start by enrolling in a relevant course. Once the course begins, you will see a “pathways” item in the course navigation in Canvas. After selecting the pathways menu item, you will need to select the “accept terms and service” box. You will now be subscribed to the pathway. All of your pathways and progress can be tracked using your personalized Badgr dashboard.

Students who successfully achieve a badge will receive a visual representation shareable across their professional networks and resume sites such as LinkedIn. Student Records will be informed if a student has successfully completed a badge for transcript notation. Each badge will carry the Loyola name indicating a high level of academic achievement to potential employers. 


We cannot guarantee the availability of online courses that meet all badge requirements. Many of the eligible badge courses are not taught online at this time.

For a full listing of courses that are eligible for the badge program, please review this spreadsheet. You must be logged into your LOYNO email to access the sheet. 

Loyola Core Badge Pathways

Loyola has partnered with Badgr Pro to facilitate our badge program and develop relevant, high-demand badges. If you’re interested in pursuing a Loyola Core badge, you can start by selecting a badge pathway that aligns with your interests. The pathway will provide you with a roadmap for how to earn your badge. Explore the pathways below and learn more on the Badgr Pathways page

Business is no longer contained to one small geographic area but now has potential for global connections. This badge will connect courses related to ethics, policy, and global issues for students interested in fields requiring leadership. 

Explore This Pathway

Courses in this badge provide an in-depth understanding of issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion from multiple perspectives including race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and LGBTQ+. These courses will help students incorporate inclusive practices in the workplace and in life. 

Explore This Pathway

Courses in this badge prepare students to be better global citizens with an improved awareness of how violence and oppression affects various groups, but also how peace and conflict resolution can be achieved. 

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Courses in this badge connect mind and body to holistic health practices and care for the self. Students who obtain this badge will increase their knowledge about health and wellness. 

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Courses in this badge connect students to a deeper understanding of environmental issues including from a philosophical, faith-based, and global perspective. Students who obtain this badge will be better prepared for careers in fields that require better stewardship and conservation of our resources. 

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Courses in this badge will focus on theories related to civic engagement and social inequality, but will also require students to take action by engaging in several service learning. Students will learn about the connections between local, national, and global issues that require social action. 

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What are the historical, theoretical, and societal influences of media? Students earning this badge will explore how media shapes culture at both the local level and from various cultural perspectives. 

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For more information about Loyola Core badges, please contact:

Erin Dupuis, Ph.D.

Associate Provost